Rewards Program

Rewarding you for being an amazing patient
We hope the greatest reward is your beautiful new smile, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add a few perks along the way! Through our token program, we reward you for doing your part to make your treatment run as smooth as possible.

Patients will earn a token for each of the following at their regular orthodontic adjustment appointments*:

  • Keeping your regularly scheduled appointment and arriving on time
  • Maintaining excellent oral hygiene between each regular appointment
  • Having excellent cooperation in wearing elastics or appliances as instructed, and no broken or loose brackets or bands

Double the Rewards!

You can double the tokens you earn at each appointment if you wear your complimentary Parkway Orthodontics t-shirt the day of your appointment.** Let’s say you earn one token because you arrive on time, another token for excellent oral hygiene, and one more token for no broken or loose appliances. If you stroll into our office wearing your Parkway Orthodontic t-shirt, you would stroll out with six tokens!

*Does not include evaluation, emergency or retainer appointments.
**Your Parkway Orthodontic t-shirt must be worn, not carried, to your appointment

Cashing in

Each time you accumulate 20 tokens, you may redeem them at our office for a $5 gift card to a variety of restaurants, stores or activities.