Read what our patients are saying.

The best orthodontic staff in Sioux Falls. Always had a great experience.
-Erika M

My kids love going to the orthodontist! I love how they treat me when I come in too- they go over everything before they leave. Great Orthodontists!
-Anna S

My son and daughter are both a patient of Parkway Orthodontics. They see Dr. Anderson. He’s very nice and always makes them feel very comfortable during their appointments.
-Austin T

I went out of my comfort zone to get braces later in life. They made me feel comfortable and welcome. The staff takes pride in their work and hold themselves to high expectations.
-Hannah B

It only took about 2 years for my daughter to have straight teeth. Dr. Anderson was so helpful throughout the process. He was able to educate her on what the best practices to ensure that her braces would be off in the original timeline set.
-Tammy K

My regular dentist referred us to Parkway Orthodontics and Dr. Gibson. The employees at the office are always friendly to me and my children. It is important for me to know that they are treating each patient as an individual. They take time to go over everything that needs to happen between appointments too.
-Amy T

My son just had a birthday and when we went into the office for his adjustment, Dr. Anderson met him out in the front lobby to say “Happy Birthday” before he was even brought in for the checkup. It is a family there and I know he is well cared for.
-Bonnie C

The staff does an excellent job of explaining the treatment plan and was very easy to work with regarding payments.
-Megan S

Dr. Scott is great. Every visit the staff and Dr. Scott treat my daughter like she is someone special. I really appreciate it.
-Zac G

The women that work at the office are very warm and friendly. They talked to my daughter about life and all of the different school activities that are coming up. It is nice that they are down to earth and adjust to the age level of patient they are working with.
-Kelli G

I have referred people to Parkway Orthodontics and Dr. Anderson. All of my sons have seen him for their braces. We have been patients for about 2 years and have always walked into a clean and welcoming office. They do a great job with the kids.
-Char P

All of my children go or have been a patient of Dr. Gibson’s. He is very good at explaining what they need to do to keep their mouth clean. He also makes them aware of other things that they have to do to make sure that they make progress throughout their time with braces. We have had no issues. The office is very professional.
-Vincent F

We just went for our first consultation the other day. Everything went smoothly and the staff was really helpful. We got a tour of the office and I know my daughter was comfortable with our decision to get braces.
-Kimmy P

The staff and doctors are very friendly and caring at Parkway Orthodontics. I was very comfortable when I had my first appointment with them to set up a treatment plan. It was smooth sailing for the next year and a half. Now I can smile confidently.
-Lauren T